The flu virus is the most common cause of upper respiratory tract infections. In some parts of the world and in some risk groups (the elderly, newborns, individuals with a weak immune system) it is also a common cause of death. According to the World Health Organisation, between 2 and 5 million people in the world develop the flu every year, of whom as many as 500,000 are recorded as fatal cases.

​The symptoms of the flu are similar to other upper respiratory tract infections caused by bacteria, which is why antibiotic treatment is often used unnecessarily, affecting the body negatively and causing antibiotic resistance (which is a growing issue in case of many bacterial infections). The Flusensor detects the flu virus at an early stage of development, which effectively prevents it from spreading.  Efficient and precise identification allows for the use of the right treatment without the need to administer antibiotics.

How does our assay work?

  1. Unpack the test and place the electrode in the device

  2. Use the swab and place it in a special buffer with the solution.

  3. Transfer the solution from the buffer to the electrode

  4. Wait 3 minutes

  5. Check the result on the screen of your mobile device or using the free app for laptops and desktops

  6. If the result indicates an infection, consult with your physician